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RESTful API Framework at your service


You can always download the latest release from the GitHub releases page.

Anyway, install via npm package is recommended.

npm i -S netiam


This section contains the README from the official library. The API docs can be found here.


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A pure REST library

This REST API library addresses some issues we had with API designs in our projects. It does not claim to provide a full featured solution and to be honest, it might never will. Nevertheless, someone might find this library useful. It works as connect middleware and you should be able to use it with any compatible infrastructure (e.g. express).


Get it

npm i -S netiam@7


What can it do for you

  • Authentication (with passportjs and OAuth 2.0)
  • Authorization (with ACLs, inheritance support for roles, assertions and wildcards)
  • Relationships(on resource level)
  • Query language (effective and powerful filters with OData)
  • Completely stateless (except cookie based sessions for authentication in browser apps)
  • Support for the JSONAPI specification
  • Auto response format detection
  • Graph representation and rendering (as SVG)
  • Extensible with plugins

Getting started

Creates a single route, using the data plugin to add some data and returns everything as JSON.

import express from 'express'
import http from 'http'
import api from 'netiam'

const app = express()
const server = http.createServer(app)

    .data({'Hello': 'World!'})


How it works

The core idea of this library is to have a stack of plugins executed in an asynchronous way.

const path = api()

app.get('/foo', path)

Plugin example

export default function data(data) {
  return function(req, res) {
    res.body = data;



Error handling

You do not need to handle common API errors on your own. The library responds to the client at least with a proper HTTP status code (e.g. 404 for document not found) automatically.


Using mocha with should for tests and istanbul to check coverage.

npm test

Supported by


MIT License

About aims to provider a fully-featured open-source API stack for your next project. Using progressive and easy to use technology (Node.js, MongoDB), we try to shorten down your development time and reduce your costs.

We do our best to give you a solid and straight-forward API next to a modular system, so that this will fit easily into most of your development scenarios.